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Legal Help Through The Probate Administration Process

If someone you love has recently passed away, one of the many challenges you will face involves the probate process, the legal procedure by which the person’s debts are paid and assets are passed on to beneficiaries. It can be a complex legal process, especially for those who have never been through it before. Although some people choose to handle the probate process on their own, there is a lot at stake. The help of an experienced attorney is extremely beneficial to protecting your interests and helping you through the process.

Attorney Joanne Craighead of Craighead & Martin, PLLC provides legal representation in the probate process for clients throughout New Hampshire. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Joanne can help you through every aspect of the process. She combines her legal acumen with a dedication to personalized care and compassion. Clients of the firm are treated as individuals, given uniquely personalized service throughout their cases.

Representing Estate Administrators

Part of every estate going through probate is the assignment of an estate administrator, sometimes called a personal representative or executor. This person is responsible for:

  • Handling all aspects of the payment of the estate’s debts
  • Passing on remaining funds to beneficiaries as named by the estate plan or state laws
  • Making an accounting to the court

This is a major responsibility, and there are significant consequences for errors in administrating an estate. Especially when an estate plan includes complex real estate holdings or other nuanced assets, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who can help you untangle the complications involved. Joanne Craighead can walk you through the process to make sure you are avoiding any errors and fulfilling the duty well. She will explain everything you need to know and help you understand your responsibilities.

Many people try to probate an estate on their own, only to realize how hard it is or get into legal trouble for making critical errors. Get the help you need from Craighead & Martin, PLLC.

Representing Potential Beneficiaries

It is common for errors to occur in the process that could cut potential beneficiaries out of receiving what they are due. Attorney Craighead also represents potential beneficiaries. She can look through the records and follow the procedures used in probate to make sure no mistakes were made that would cut you out of the will.

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